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ART & INSPIRATION is your creative space with monthly mixed media projects to support you and for connecting with like-minded people – so you can grow as artist no matter where you are now.

Each month we concentrate on a specific theme and Lydia will post videos setting out the theme and ideas for the month to provide a starting point.  She will share her artistic toolbox for creating strong, personal unique mixed-media art work. 

The Art & Inspiration Community platform provides a space for active, threaded discussions about information, insights and ideas.

Ready to explore new ideas and connect with like-minded people to grow together as artists?


Boost your collage making by learning new ways to use letters, monoprints and all kinds of collage material to express yourself. This course suits to all level of experience. 

No prior collage experience is necessary , the step-by-step instructions lead you through the entire abstract collage process. For experienced artists in abstract art , this online course will deepen your skills of abstract collage art.

Expand your creative skills in making unique collage material and working with letters in a new abstract way. In this course you’ll learn to create successful compositions without creating visual overload.

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I think we all know such times when we want to start something new and don’t know where to start. Every now and then we come to a point where we need inspiration that hopefully leads us to new ideas. But often it’s a huge challenge to find a new direction.

In this course I will show you my starting points and I will guide you step by step through  different techniques from working with mark making tools such as pencils, pigment sticks, graphite through to acrylic ink, paper collage and paint. We’re letting the materials and techniques develop and enjoying the process of making.

“Unlock Your Creativity” is all about exploring and playing with your art materials to unlock your creativity. To spark ideas and find your own new path ways to develop your praxis.



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