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Collage Work

Images, letters and prints intuitively assembled
to something completely new.
A collection of abstract collages.

Artist Books

A collection of creative bookbinding projects
using my collages and
different techniques for bookmaking.

Rust Print & Dyeing

Experiments with rusty items,
acrylic paint and plants.
Mark making on fabric and paper.


Lydia is generous with her time. She speaks clearly and provides plenty of examples of her process and the materials that work best. I'm totally inspired!

Susan Bromirski

I met Lydia work on Instagram and this course is absolutely interesting and full of informations! Thank you so much Lydia <3

Rossana Russo

Great class! So much information, and wonderful videos.

Debbie Janelle

Loved this class, very thorough!

Sherie Eddy

This was a wonder class!

Catherine Rains

Good classes; I'm applying the techniques in all my work now. No problems with delivery. <3

Beth Wodzinski