Would you like to dive deeper into the art of abstract collage?

I'm excited to share my experience, love and knowledge of abstract collage through the Exploring Collage online course. 

Boost your creativity by learning new ways to use letters, monoprints and all kinds of collage material to express yourself. This course suits to all level of experience. No prior collage experience is necessary , the step-by-step instructions lead you through the entire abstract collage process. For experienced artists in abstract art, this online course will deepen your skills of abstract collage art.

Expand your creative skills in making unique collage material, working with letters in a new abstract way and learn how to create successful compositions without creating visual overload.

In this course I packed all the things I've learned about collage over the last years. My greatest hope is that you will enjoy the process of collage making and find your unique way to express yourself.

My popular online Course EXPLORING COLLAGE runs again in January. The priority booking emails goes out to those on the waiting list. 

The doors to Exploring Collage are closed now.

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