👉 Do you ever create a collage or mixed media art and think - 
this just isn't working, but I don't know how to fix it?

 And it feels so frustrating to understand all these principles of design and composition rules?

👉 You spend the whole day on internet to find the right tools, supplies and materials for your collage art?

👉 Do you want to make your own amazing collage material to bring your collage work to the next level?

Sounds like me years ago :-)
I collected all kinds of materials (photos, words, paper scraps etc.) and didn't know how to start.
Every time I started a new collage it felt so hard to find a strong and successful composition.

Over the last years I learned a lot about abstract art and collage with the help of books and courses and by making a lot of collages. I’d like to help you get there a lot faster!

Ready to explore abstract collage art and learn to create
strong and unique mixed media artwork?
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what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in the 5 week collage online class!

Boost your mixed media art making by learning new ways to use letters, monoprints and all kinds of collage material to express yourself. This course suits to all level of experience.
No prior collage experience is necessary , the step-by-step instructions lead you through the entire abstract mixed media collage process. For experienced artists in abstract art, this online course will deepen your skills of abstract collage art.

Expand your creative skills in making unique collage material and working with letters in a new abstract way. In this course you'll learn to create successful compositions without creating visual overload.

Step One

Tools / Supplies / Material

We will discuss essential tools, materials and mediums.

We will spend 5 weeks together.  
I will be there with you in the classroom and in the privat group to get you feedback and guide you along.

You will come away loaded with new inspiration and ideas.

Step Two

Make your own amazing collage material.

I will share different print making techniques and we will create photo transfers and unique collage material using a gel plate.

You will learn how to transfer letters on tissue paper, use monoprints and cut letters so you can use those letters as abstract shapes for unique collage designs.

Step Three

Use my artistic toolbox for creating strong compositions in your work.

I will share my special process for bringing together found papers, monoprints and letters into unique and meaningful collage art.

Gone will be the frustration of working on composition: you will know how to apply the tools and it will make a huge difference in your future work.

I just don’t know how to express my gratitude Lydia. This has been a simply terrific course.

I remember hearing you say that it had taken you lots of time to put together, and honestly I am not surprised!!!

I have spent time, not too much but enough to think I had wasted my time, looking at tutorials on the web, that never really made any sense to me!!!

So I thought that I would never take an online course, for that reason.

But as the saying goes: never say “NEVER”!!! Your videos and explanations have been so clear and watching you working very inspiring.

This was all really worth it and I just wanted to thank you ever so much!


from France

Here's what you'll get when you sign up

I will share my special process of combining found papers, monoprints and letters into unique and meaningful mixed media art. We will rediscover the joy of play and the value of experimentation.
Take your mixed media art to the next level by asking for feedback on your artwork in the social group. You will come away with new inspiration and ideas.


To get into the creative flow, we will start by creating a collage journal for you to work in during the course.

It's really easy to make, all you need is paper, scissors and glue. Anyone can do it!

We will start with small collages to get a feel for the materials.


In this Module I will show you my method for creating interesting collage paper. We will use a gel plate to create pattern, colorful tissue paper pages and we will use our own photos to transfer images onto tissue paper.

We will explore colors and how to create interesting layers. And you will discover how to find out what you love and start to create very personal collages.


Module 3 is all about letters.
We will use letters as a compositional tool, creating letters on tissue paper, large letters on paper and I will show you how to use these to create interesting collages.


I struggled a lot with the principles of design when I first started making collages. So here I will show you what I have learnt over the years and how I use these principles in my work.

So it's going to get easier and easier for you to use the principles of design to create interesting compositions without making it too busy.


After starting with small collages, creating interesting collage materials and letters, and talking about composition, we will bring it all together.
I will show you my whole process:
- How to start,
- How to find a good composition
- How to glue down all the collage
- How to know when it's done, and
- final steps such as how to prepare your work
for hanging on the wall.


I will show you how to alter a book to use as a collage art journal. I will give you some ideas on how to stay inspired, how to find your style  and how to find your way to grow as an artist. 

In this course I've put together everything I've learned about collage and mixed media over the last few years.

My greatest hope is that you will enjoy the process of collage making and find your own unique way of expressing yourself.

How do I re-ignite my creative process? This question has been on repeat during the past six months. "Exploring Collage" has led me back to my collage making.

Lydia's online course has helped me rediscover the joy and value of experimenting.

To explore readily available materials through a variety of projects was liberating and fun. Thank you Lydia!

My creative process is feeling refreshed and alive.


from Canada

Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this workshop - it was excellent!  

I learned so, so much.  You were very generous in sharing your thoughts and techniques - I really appreciate it.  

Your work is way different than my collage work was and you really got my creative juices flowing!  

I have taken many workshops throughout the years and I have always learned at least something from all of them but I have to say that your workshop was truly amazing - you taught me so much new stuff.  

The course was well organized and instruction was very clear. Just can't say enough!
Thank you and I appreciate you very much,


from USA

Meet your instructor 

I'm Lydia Rink, visual artist and creative encourager. I love creating abstract art and I'm a big fan of play and experimentation.
I've created this course to show you my collage making process and all the things I've learned over the years, so you don't have to figure it all this out for yourself. My greatest hope is that you will enjoy the process of collage making and find your own unique way of expressing yourself.

I'm really looking forward to spending five weeks with you and I can't wait to see what we create together!

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

As soon as you purchase you will be provided with access to the first module immediately. Then a new module is delivered every week via the password protected classroom on my website: www.spark.lydiarink.de

How long do I have access to the course?

After the course is started you have access to the classroom and all the materials for at least one year.

How do you know if the course is for me?

This course is for you if...

  • you are feeling stuck with your creativity and don't know how
         to rediscover the joy and value of experimenting
  • you want to discover abstract collage art
  • you want to learn more about my process of collage making and 
         how to use those methods in your own collage work
  • you want to let go, learn to play and step out of your comfort zone
         to create more collages you really love

What materials do I need?

It's important to work with tools and materials that you feel confident and comfortable with, to experiment with different types, and to work out what best suits your style.

You can download the material list HERE. These are some of the essential supplies I like to use.

Will there be an online community for this course?

Yes. There is a private group for participants of Exploring Collage on the course website where you can share your work and discuss with other participants in the forum. You can also use the hashtag #ExploringCollageCourse when sharing your work on Instagram and other social media platforms.

What is the refund policy?

I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions about the course prior to signing up.

the refund period is 60 days

"Fall in love with the process and the results will come."
{Eric Thomas}

Your Investment

The creative EXPLORING COLLAGE online course is available for  € 420


You missed out!

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