A peek inside my studio

It’s always exciting to see other artists work space or studio. So as I love it so much to see studio spaces I thought I should show you my studio, too.



When we moved to our new home I finally got the chance to get my own little studio. And I’m totally in love with it. Since then I always worked on the kitchen table and I had to move my materials from one corner to another. 



When I go into my studio to work on my projects I enjoy every minute of it. I have 2 work tables. On for bigger work and one for smaller things and I can use both for filming, too. Then I have a small desk for my computer, but I use it only every now and then.  And I arranged a small working place for my little one, so he can play with his crayons while I’m working. 



Do you have a dream studio in mind?
How would that look like?
What would you create in this studio?
Would like to hear your thoughts!



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