Image Transfer with your own photos and drawings

I often get inquiries about copyright issues when using photos from magazines for image transfer printing. I am not a lawyer and I can only say this much: It’s a gray area and each country has its own rules.

To make sure you don’t violate any copyright it is best to use only your own photos for this technique. You can even scan your drawings and use them for an image transfer.

To use drawings from my sketchbook I scanned them, enlarged them a bit and printed them on a laser printer. This way I could also use drawings for the image transfer.

Maybe you would like to try this technique? Then there is good news.
I have created the online course “Magical Prints”.

This course is about the Image Transfer technique with the gel plate including the use of magazine photos and your own photos.

It’s is just one of the online courses available on the A&I Community platform.

Since you can cancel at any time, it’s best to just sign up for a month and get as much out of the courses, tutorials, community, and artistic challenges as you can.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

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