How to let go of expectations?

Like every week in the last months I worked on a collage for the Collaborative Collage Project. 38 collages have already been created so far. It took me quite a while before I could actually enjoy creating the weekly collages.

In the beginning I was often frustrated if I didn’t have an idea right away how to put the collage papers from the respective envelope together into an interesting collage. It often took several attempts to finish the collage.

Why did it feel so difficult? Actually creating collages is something I really enjoy doing. I usually find it quite easy to play around with the paper. What could I change to make creating these collages more fun again?

Gradually I realized that I was putting too much pressure on myself and that my expectations were so high that it was impossible for me to meet them. So I tried to let go of those expectations, trust myself more and let my intuition guide me.

Of course, this takes some practice. I’ve learned that I have to give myself time. And now I look at creating this collage once a week as a kind of practice session or training session to let go. Just as I train my body with running, creating these collages trains my creative muscles and mindset.

As soon as I open a new envelope for the Collaborative Collage Project, I try to get ready for a new creative adventure. I am brave and willing to follow my intuition. And if it doesn’t work out right away that day, I just start all over again. It’s just paper and if I don’t like my creation I can always start over. These positive thoughts help me a lot to be relaxed and open to new things.

Do you also know such a situation where you stand in your own way because your expectations are just too high? How do you deal with it? What strategy do you have to let go of expectations in order to be able to create more freely? Please let us know in the comments below.

In this week video I share with you the making off of collage no. 38 and some thoughts about how to let go of expectations.



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